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Next to Fire Station Still no police station in mah town. Just a comment for what it freeplay worth It sounds to me like you are playing a good game and using good strategies to get where you dating to be Just keep doing that. Do not concern yourself dating “playing” catch freeplay with longer-term sims. I used to feel that way too. It made me impatient. I read some information in a thread here about “Massive TV” and learned that the rules of the game have changed.

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With the exception of the “tutorial tasks” that occur when you first visit a neighbor, there are a total of social tasks and they are in a set order. This blog will list each task and it will give you the exact order that they will appear. Here is the complete list. I can’t remember which task was the first task, but it doesn’t matter because once you complete task , you will loop back to number one.

To use this guide, find where you currently are on the game and follow along from that point.

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How to date your neighbors for the goals

So get ready and be mesmerized by the fame and glamour that awaits in the virtual life! Virtual World games are taking the world by storm with giving people a second life behind the computer screens. What may not be a normal routine for us in the real world is daily practice in the lives we live in our virtual world. Creating colorful avatars, building gorgeous houses and living the luxurious life are just some of the perks that come with living in a virtual world. Live it up and meet many people, party til you drop and dance to the latest Rihanna songs at the comfort of your own home.

Sims FreePlay The possibilities are endless with Sims Freeplay so create your own town full of people with their own personalities, dreams and styles.

A new augmented reality feature has been added to The Sims FreePlay which is actually shockingly cool. Check out the trailer: Check out the trailer: Basically, using the magic of ARKit 2, EA is able to render a collaborative building environment that local folks with reasonably modern iOS devices can hop in .

Aug 17 The Sims Social Fansite Views: Today, we’re covering the more romantic of the three. After inviting yourself into their homes and flirting into their hearts you will soon find that your relationship status can change from “friends” or “acquaintances” to “dating“. Sims do not have positive results to the same interaction in a row. A very fine line of communication that is most summed up by “how come we don’t talk anymore”.

In a perfect game world, one could shower with their love to their hearts desire and “Woohoo” or have a “Quickie” with one’s love from the beginning of their romance; but since The Sims Social is meant to mimic real life relations, your Sims won’t get fulfilled just by cuddling on the couch or kissing each other all day long. Starting from the first level of dating, you kiss and compliment each other and you have to work your way up to the more intimate actions.

The second level or “going steady” brings you the “Woohoo” in the shower, but don’t start off with the fun stuff. It’s infuriating to have to go back and forth from chatting to flirting, but its the only way your Sim will make it anywhere near “Soul Mates”.


For the Android version, players get to raise families, have careers, learn skills, and so much more. Complete special quests to earn simoleons and build the home of your dreams. Regular updates add new content, new quests, and special limited-time events. Much like life itself, the only way to experience the fun of a Sims game is large and in charge.

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Well, there are a lot of ways. First let us understand what the Sims FreePlay hack tool can do and what you can expect out of it. The program has the capability to generate unlimited simoleons and lifestyle, social points and more. There is no risk in downloading the Sims FreePlay hack tool since it is guaranteed virus free. This hack will ultimately allow you to save lots of money and time.

Features and how to use With the Sims FreePlay hack download, you can expect to be able to add simoleons, lifestyle points, and more. For this, you do not have to jailbreak or root your device. It works perfectly on all iOS and Android devices. A hack is used, not just to have a shortcut through the game, but it can only intensify the gaming experience as it allows you to experience an enhanced lifestyle for your character.

With our hack tool, all you need to do is to download and extract the Sims FreePlay hack file.

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You are reading the most comprehensive guide to the mobile app The Sims FreePlay that is available online a fact that was true at the time of writing and with the recent update continues to be true! While this guide started out as a brief Overview based upon the first hundred hours of play — a process that underscores the significant differences between The Sims: FreePlay and all of the other games that are part of The Sims empire due to its reliance on a real-time-clock and the inability of players to “speed-up” time, an option that is available in all of the other series and versions of The Sims but is not available in this version — gamers can consider the information and guidance contained herein to be both hard-won and worthwhile!

That alone makes this an invaluable source of information for most players, but especially those who desire the pleasure of progress within the game world without having to pay for it Before you jump right in, I strongly urge you to read this entire guide, from start to finish, because there are pitfalls in this game as well as Tips and Tricks that will make your life in it ever so much easier and cheaper if you know about them.

We ask that you bear with us with respect to patience for that information to be provided; at no point in the play process as we researched and prepared this guide did we choose the expedient option of purchasing either Simoleons money or Life Points, because this is a guide that is intended to provide you, the gamer, with the information and strategies that you need to do precisely the same thing:

4 Mar Sims Freeplay Cheat iPhone iPod iPad summer update: to settings then go to date and time and change the date on all things down two Once the accusation is over, the sims relationship is going to end.. up and sweeps me off my started dating and later got married.

By Allegra Frank on Feb 29, at 3: With Sims 3, you have to work on forming a friendly relationship with a person before you can have a If your Sim character offers the right amount of sweet talk, you may be able to woo a romantic partner. Watching your sims as they grow up, get jobs, get married, have. Having On the other hand, each Sim’s Personal Goals are relatively difficult. How to get married.

A simulation of real life, Sims 3 puts teens in control of decisions such as how After that, a status bar reporting your Sim’s needs will tell you whether to hit the shower next or get him a job. Some sims won’t woohoo you until you are either dating, engaged, or married. Find their spouse and switch him over to active household with you and sim you wish to marry. Click ok and you will be able to play as all sims.

Di FreePlay membesarkan bayi atau membuat Sim tumbuh ke life stage.. Udh 2x beli cincin tapi ga married married tuh Sims, katanya semakin bagus cincin Bagaimana cara menyelesaikan quest “have 3 sims driving simultaneously”? You have to be romantic to your partner Sim.

Start Dating one of your Neighbour’s Sims

The following table highlights the yield probabilities of every plant type in The Sims FreePlay. An explanation of the table and its columns can be found below: The Names’ Column displays the name of the plant as well as whether the Sim is Inspired or not at the time of planting. An inspired Sim yields on average 1. If possible it is advised to always keep your Sims Inspired when performing any task in the game.

This column shows the cost of each seed type.

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The Sims FreePlay 5. The game emulates the complete The Sims experience of the desktop computer edition, leaving us with a good experience for trying this one out. The game presents a simplified version of the big brother title, right before the next The Sims 4 installment release. As with any previous edition you start creating your own avatar in the game from templates, or from scratch with different default elements included in the title. Apart from the physical aspect you can select the personality, an important feature that will decide how your Sim will interact with pets and other characters.

The graphical aspect resembles previous versions, but it lacks the quality from newer PC versions.

The Sims Freeplay ” Date Night ”

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